‘The Longest War – The Australian Army in Afghanistan’ is an interactive documentary spanning the 10 long years the Australian Army fought in Afghanistan as narrated by David Wenham.
The interactive website was designed to present the story of Austrlaian soldiers in a modern and engaging way, that would be accessible across multiple platforms.

​Jason Trembath - Transmedia Producer; Interactive Designer and Developer, User Interface Design, Interactive Website Concept by Jason Trembath.

Graphics and Treatments by Gerry Haggerty

Military Content Research and Collection Brig Don Roach (retd) AM Jason Trembath Captain David Gillies

Adobe Edge Animate CC

Interactive Website produced by Outlier Studios (Film, Transmedia and Interactive) www.outlierstudios.com

​(C) Jason Trembath, Outlier Studios

​After completing his training at The Actors Workshop in 1997, Rob went on to star in many TV commercials and short films. One short film titled, “The Irving Hand Prophecy” saw Rob play the title role of Irving Hand and later go on to win the Best Actor Award at the 2001 Warner Brothers Queensland New Filmmakers Awards.

Later that year Rob secured the leading role of Wayne in the internationally successful Spierig Brothers (Daybreakers) and LionsGate Film, “Undead”. He then went on to land roles on many TV shows, including “All Saints” (Channel 7) and “The Chasers” – CNNNN (ABC). After the 2006 cinema release of Undead in the United States, Rob moved to Los Angeles. After twelve months in the US, Rob returned to his home town of Brisbane to be with his fiancé. 

He has continued to star in national TV commercials and short films to maintain his skills. Rob then landed the lead role of Orca in the independent feature “Sharkmen”, a role which sees him play the character of a hitman, a character that is worlds away from any of his past roles.

​Kane Sarota studied at the Queensland Screen Performance Academy, The Actors Centre and The Actors Workshop, before spending twelve years working as an actor in a variety of roles in film, television, theatre and radio. 

Kane is also a talented writer and producer, one of his first successful short films was “PITCHING”, which he wrote and starred in with Bill Hunter.  In 2003-2004, he worked in one of the head office’s of Lucky 7 Productions in the UK as a production assistant, script reader, script editor and producer’s assistant to Executive Producer Alan Latham. During this time, Lucky 7 Productions produced 9 feature films with the likes of Andy Garcia, Kelly Brooke, Dolph Lundgren, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dennis Hopper.

Travelling back to Australia in 2005, Kane joined Garrett Russell as Assistant Producer on the critically acclaimed short film ‘HEADS UP’, which went on to win 10 awards, including 5 Best Film awards around the world.

Kane then starred in the well received short film “HUMIDTY RISING”. Then he was successful in landing the lead roles in “SHARKMEN”.

​Born in Birmingham, England, Ray migrated to Australia at the age of five then moved back to England at twelve. He later joined the British Royal Navy and after a chilly winter course, qualified as a Mine Clearance Diver/Front line N.A.T.O Attack Frogman.

Ray was based at HMS Drake, on the Plymouth bomb and mine disposal team and served on the Mine Hunters. He served during the Falklands War on MV Stena Seaspead. He was awarded the active service medals for the Falklands Island, Rossette and Northern Island.

Ray left the Royal Navy and began working as a deep sea Saturation diver in the North Sea, undertaking long hours in the water-up to 13 hours at a time-at depths of 500ft.

After leaving this world of dangerous work; Ray headed back to Australia and found a new adventure in Acting.

Ray has since gone onto perform principal roles in major plays and three Feature Films. These include Sharkmen, Sleeper and Loyalty. Ray has acted in over 35 short films and commercials; and continues to grow his filmography through diverse and creative character choices. 

​Brett Fairbairn is a talented drama and comedic actor, and made his feature film debut as Peter ‘Dundee’ Miller in “SHARKMEN”.

Brett started acting in High School, setting his sites on the stage and featuring in prominent Central Queensland Theatre based productions. He then went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Performing from Central Queensland University arts in 2007. Throughout University Brett developed a keen interest in both Stage and Film, appearing in numerous productions including: “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “FAME”, “JUICE” and “GUYS & DOLLS”. Around this time, Brett had also started adopting his vocal ability to writing and performing music around Rockhampton. As the front man and lead singer in the rock band ‘Vega’, where he toured and performed around the Central Queensland Region.

Brett has been a regular in Jason Gibson’s past film projects, appearing in three short films; “THE TAKERS – Highly Commended Award at the 2006 Rockhampton Film Festival”, “SHARKMEN” (Early concept short film for the current Feature Film) and “PRELUDE ”. 

​Michael Edward Williams is a currently driving up his credits in Independent films. He was studying at the Actor’s Workshop in Brisbane before having his Feature Film debut in “SHARKMEN” as Glen Singleton, in which he played a young underworld figure’s naïve assistant. Michael then went on to star as the lead role, about a uni drop out who is set on pursuing his passion as a rock star in a film called “PENDULUM”.

Before relocating to Los Angeles, Michael completed “AZAREL”, a story about police corruption, where he also concurrently completed his part on a Horror film called “Up Jumped A Swagmen”. A tale about a young group of archaeologists in the Northern Territory hunted by an unsuspecting evil force.

Michael is now based in Los Angeles and is currently attached to various films and projects both in Australia and the U.S.

​With an all original Hip Hop and RnB soundtrack, Sharkmen has a fresh underground sound thanks to music Producer ‘Devize’.

‘Devize’ (aka Dane Heslin) is an internationally recognised Hip Hop Producer and is the man behind the tracks and score that fill the Sharkmen’s backing. With all new and original tracks created especially for Sharkmen, Devize was a tremendous inclusion for the project.

Devize is a RnB/Hip Hop Producer currently based in Rockhampton, Central Queensland and has been producing music for 11 years. He was first introduced to music production in 1998. In 2000 after finding his feet in the local scene, Devize ventured away out into international Hip Hop and Techno scenes and hasn’t looked back since.

Devize has so far produced a wide range of music and tracks for artists worldwide.

​Davina brought amazing talent in creating the intensive special effects make up effects for the entire film

Having gained extensive experience through local and national work, Davina brings artistic and individual talent into every project.

Having completed over 50 films in the past few years; her passion for the design of makeup is continuously reaching new levels. With each script comes new actors, opportunities and challanges where Davina thrives for bringing each character to life.

​Davina Faye is based in Vancouver, Canada

Available for Local, National and International work.



​​Jason was born on December 5th 1985 in Melbourne Victoria but his family moved to the regional outback of Weipa, Queensland (Cape York) before settling on Central Queensland.

Jason fell in love with movies at an early age and progressed from music videos and surfing films in school, to narrative films and other projects in University.

After working on the Channel V Music Bus in 2004/05, Jason changed his degree to Business Marketing, so that he could learn how better promote and manage his future film projects.

In 2004, Jason enlisted into the Part-Time Army Officer training with the Australian Army Reserves. He graduated from the Royal Military College Duntroon in February 2007 as an Infantry Second-Lieutenant.

Jason was subsequently promoted to First-Lieutenant and then Captain. He has had 12 years experience in Military Management, which has greatly enhanced his capabilities for effective film producing and leading teams.

After completing University, Jason sourced and attained funding to produce his first low/no budget feature film “Sharkmen” as a ‘one-man crew’ (Writer/Director/Producer/Cinematography/Visual Effects).

This was a huge undertaking and it took several attempts and years at Post-Production to get the film completed.

This required looking for private financing to pay for studio time to re-record dialogue to a high production value.

Due to the quality of work he was able to produce on his own, in 2009 Jason was invited by the Director of Photography on “Desperate Housewives” to shadow and learn from him on set of Season 6 at Universal Studios, Los Angeles.

In November 2013 Jason was attached to be the Transmedia Producer and Interactive Designer/Developer on the Australian Army’s documentary “The Longest War: The Australian Army in Afghanistan”.

This was an intensive 18 month project, which Jason created the concept for, and was launched on 7 May 2015 by the Chief of Army Lieutenant General David Morrison AO and Minister for Defence Kevin Andrews at the Australian War Memorial. (www.army.gov.au/the-longest-war) 

Jason is now working on a variety of film and interactive projects, as well as completing a one of a kind, interactive package to distribute “Sharkmen” in order to raise funding for his second feature film "Guilty Bystanders”.




​The leader of a group of hitmen is forced to choose between loyalty and integrity when his best friend is killed. - SHARKMEN


The film is about a group of five hitmen dubbed the "Sharkmen". Every man you meet will tell you a different urban legend story for how the Sharkmen got their names, but beyond the myths, the men were infamously named after a shark that matched their style.

"SHARKMEN" is told through a non-linear structure in order to highlight the difference between the group's past and present. The joining of these two timelines takes you on a journey through the fundamentals of brotherhood, betrayal, duality and how staying loyal to those closest to you is important to prevent the Shark in all of us.

"SHARKMEN" is told through a non-linear structure in order to highlight the difference between the group's past and present. The joining of these two timelines takes you on a journey through the fundamentals of brotherhood, betrayal, duality and how staying loyal to those closest to you is important to prevent the Shark in all of us.